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Ravensworth Ag and AgriChain Collaboration

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Ravensworth Agriculture, the powerhouse behind the large-scale Ravensworth Feedlot in Hay, is taking a significant step forward by partnering with AgriChain. This move aims to streamline their contracting, procurement, inventory, and supply chain compliance processes across all inbound and outbound commodities and livestock. As part of a major redevelopment and modernisation effort, Ravensworth Ag is heavily investing in automation and systems to make their feedlot a preferred destination for cattle producers requiring custom feeding services and freight providers.

The Ravensworth team expressed: “Quality improvement and environmental stewardship are at the heart of everything we do. AgriChain drastically improves our visibility with feed and livestock suppliers which helps calculate the environmental cost of our supply chain, which is something that matters to us.”

Skye Freshwater of AgriChain explained: "AgriChain is not a feedlot management program, just as a feedlot management system is not a livestock and commodities contracting and supply chain platform. The two are vastly different and need to be treated as such. The project at Ravensworth, will see us integrate with their current feedlot platform to ensure that they get the best of both worlds."

AgriChain is revolutionising the commodities and livestock industry with its fully auditable supply chain traceability and digital vendor declarations.

“This platform will give Ravensworth Ag unprecedented insights into their supply chain’s environmental impact, allowing them to track, measure, and ultimately improve their practices.” Caile Ditterich - AgriChain CEO

Ravensworth Ag's commitment to sustainability extends beyond this partnership. They are actively involved in various initiatives to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable practices in the agriculture industry.

Through collaborations with innovative organisations and environmental agencies, Ravensworth Ag is working to reduce emissions, enhance resource efficiency, and protect biodiversity. These efforts underscore their dedication to setting new standards for sustainability in agribusiness while maintaining a focus on innovation and operational excellence.


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