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Whether it be our Cotton, Beef or Lamb products, everything we do is with our customer in mind.

For generations, our business has produced premium Australian products.

Nestled in the fertile Riverina region of NSW, Ravensworth Agriculture stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of agribusiness. A family-owned venture, stewarded with passion and precision by the Harris Family, and their adept management team, this establishment has carved its niche as a pioneering force in the agricultural sector. Operating a 40,000-head cattle feedlot with an expanding capacity, and engaged in versatile farming operations ranging from irrigated cotton to Dorper sheep, Ravensworth boasts an innovative approach that marries tradition with technology. Our groundbreaking collaboration with CH4 Global, ProAgni and UAG BioNutrients, centered on carbon-neutral beef production, exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and modernisation. As we continue to cultivate our brand, Ravensworth remains unwavering in its commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement, reinforcing our position as industry leaders.

Industry Leaders in Agribusiness.

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At Ravensworth, we're in the timeless pursuit of harmoniously feeding and clothing the world without borrowing from its future. We passionately blend our rich heritage with modern sensibilities, producing premium meat and sustainable cotton, all while championing eco-friendly practices. Through every crop we sow and livestock we nurture, we're deeply rooted in our commitment to the environment. Our legacy isn't just about meeting today's needs – it's about ensuring a flourishing world for all of tomorrow's generations

Our Values

Premium brands that you can trust.

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Each cut from our exclusive beef range is a culinary journey, representing our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainable practices, and the rich legacy that the Harris family has cultivated.

As you delve into our beef offerings, experience the perfect blend of traditional farming wisdom and innovative practices that sets Ravensworth beef a cut above the rest.

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Sustainably Farmed

High Quality Australian Cotton

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How we pioneer innovation and lead the industry forwards.

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