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An Impact Assessment of Our Mitigation Strategies

Ravensworth's Path to Carbon Neutrality:

As Ravensworth Agriculture plans to scale up and operate a 100,000 head feedlot by 2030, our current assessment focuses on strategies to reduce emissions in preparation for this expansion. A key aspect of this plan involves a significant reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. For the feedlot, we project a reduction from 128,000 tonnes to 29,000 tonnes of CO2e, a reduction of about 99,000 tonnes, or approximately 77%. This substantial reduction will be achieved through the mitigation strategies we are actively pursuing, such as biogas capture via UAG's technology and the use of feed additives from ProAgni and CH4 Global to reduce enteric methane emissions in cattle. These innovative solutions are at the forefront of our sustainability efforts, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our environmental responsibilities as we expand our operations.

Our Vision for 2030

Whilst we have effectively addressed Scope 1 and 2 emissions, showing a clear path towards substantial reductions, we acknowledge that our journey doesn't end here. A thorough evaluation of Scope 3 emissions is essential to gain a complete understanding of our overall carbon footprint. This comprehensive approach will be a pivotal focus in our ongoing efforts towards achieving sustainability and environmental responsibility across all facets of our operations.

A Comprehensive Approach:

It's important to recognise that these mitigation strategies have broader implications beyond our feedlot operations. They offer significant potential to reduce emissions in other aspects of our operations, particularly in our cropping business. By implementing practices such as reducing the use of synthetic fertilisers and replacing with organic fertilisers via our biogas capture and manure digestion processes, we foresee additional environmental benefits that haven't been fully quantified in this assessment.

Beyond the Feedlot:

If you want to learn more about our comprehensive impact assessment and the detailed strategies Ravensworth Agriculture is employing to achieve our sustainability goals, please fill out the form below. By providing your details, you can download the full report. This in-depth document will give you a closer look at how we're advancing towards a more sustainable and carbon-efficient future, and our commitment to environmental stewardship across all aspects of our operations.

Download our Detailed Sustainability Plan 

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