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Cotton machine harvesting cotton

The cotton operation encompasses a substantial area of irrigation land, supported by water licenses and ample on-farm storage capacity.

Cotton Operations

The cotton operation encompasses a substantial expanse of irrigation land, bolstered by water licenses and an extensive amount of on-farm storage capacity.

At the core of Ravensworth and Lake Marimley lies our extensive and carefully tended cotton operations. Spanning a substantial expanse of prime irrigation land, our farms serve as a testament to our commitment to the art of cotton farming. This extensive stretch isn't just about size; it's about ensuring each hectare is optimised for the best cotton growth.

Our infrastructure strongly reinforces this dedication. With an extensive on-farm storage capacity, we're fully equipped to maintain precise moisture levels, protecting our crops from fluctuating weather conditions. This controlled environment guarantees that every cotton bale we produce adheres to the esteemed Ravensworth standard, distinguishing us in terms of both quality and yield.

Comprehensive Cotton Operations

Stacks of ravensworth sacks of cotton tightly packed
Long line of bails of hay

The value of strong industry networks in agriculture cannot be overstated. At Ramps Ridge, our location in the Riverina region offers us more than just fertile land—it places us at the nexus of a vibrant cotton community. This community is bolstered by some of the industry's most renowned downstream processors, ensuring that every phase of our cotton's journey, from field to fabric, is handled with expertise. Our collaborations with esteemed entities like RivCott and AusCott Gins are more than just business partnerships; they are synergies that combine our dedication to producing top-tier cotton with their state-of-the-art ginning processes. The result? An output that upholds the highest standards of quality and innovation. Moreover, these relationships grant us invaluable insights into market trends, technological advancements, and emerging consumer needs, allowing Ravensworth to remain agile, informed, and at the forefront of the cotton industry. Our industry ties not only reflect our current standing but signify our dedication to continual growth and collaboration.

Industry Networks

Cotton is more than just a crop for Ravensworth Agriculture – it's our pride. Historically, cotton production has been the cornerstone of our farming operations, making significant financial contributions across both our properties. Our dedication and meticulous farming practices have positioned us among the elite in the Riverina cotton production landscape. A testament to our commitment to excellence is our recent accolade – the prestigious 'Cotton Grower of the Year' at the Southern Valley Cotton Growers Associated Australia Awards. This recognition not only celebrates our past successes but motivates us to reach new heights.

A Legacy of Excellence

Water management, especially in the realm of agriculture, is a delicate balance between meeting the needs of the present and preserving for the future. At Ravensworth Agriculture, we recognise this intricate balance and have woven it into the very fabric of our operations. Employing a myriad of water management strategies ensures that our cotton crops have a consistent and uninterrupted water supply, allowing us to plan our cultivation cycles with precision. Beyond mere sourcing, our supplementary licenses play a pivotal role in our water strategy. These licenses, combined with our substantial on-farm storage facilities, enable efficient capture and utilisation of water during supplementary flow allocations. It’s not just about having water; it’s about using it wisely. By optimising every drop, we ensure that our cotton flourishes while still respecting and conserving our most precious resource.

Sustainable Water Management

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