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Where Nature Meets Nurture: Our Feedlots and Farms Champion Sustainable, Quality Agriculture

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Premium locations for premium production.

Our business operates from two primary production sites: Ravensworth, situated between Hay and Balranald, and Lake Marimley, located on the outskirts of Balranald, both within the celebrated Australian Riverina region, renowned for its natural food and fibre production.

Ravensworth Farm

Lake Marimley

At Ravensworth, the farm’s premier beef and cotton production hub unfolds. Our feedlot boasts cutting-edge facilities, seamlessly integrated cattle management systems, and dedicated on-site feed preparation and testing capabilities. This synergy ensures our cattle enjoy a stress-free environment, resulting in consistent, top-tier beef specifications for our clients.
Proudly holding national accreditation from the National Feedlot Assurance quality system, Ravensworth Feedlot meets the standards for all major global markets.

Our unwavering dedication to customer safety and premium quality beef is further accentuated with advanced traceability technologies, monitoring our product from paddock to plate. With meticulous on-site feed preparation and grain testing, we guarantee our cattle receive the finest quality rations throughout the year.

Ravensworth Farm

Lake Marimley stands as a testament to the Family’s diverse production prowess, encompassing lamb, cotton, and a medley of mixed crops. Beyond its agricultural significance, the property is a beacon of natural splendour, regularly attracting top conservationists and wildlife experts keen on studying the harmonious balance we maintain with the environment.

At Lake Marimley, our cultivation extends to mixed crops like corn, a crucial supplement enriching the diets of our livestock. Our lambs, in particular, enjoy a revered status, meeting the discerning demands of both domestic and international markets.

Lake Marimley

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