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Leading the way in sustainable agribusiness in the Riverina region of NSW, Ravensworth Agriculture blends traditional values with innovative approaches to safeguard our planet for future generations.

A Beacon of Sustainable Farming

Environmental Progress Goal: With UAG's technology, we're capturing methane and reducing carbon emissions, moving towards producing carbon-neutral beef.

Circular Economies: Through our collaboration with UAG, we aim to attain this important milestone in the circular economy by capturing methane from cattle waste, using it to power our operations, and acquiring organic fertiliser for our farming operations, diminishing our dependence on synthetic alternatives.

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Our Path to Carbon Neutrality

Forging Ahead Together

At Ravensworth, we're proud Aussies with a global vision. Our collaboration with CH4 Global is more than just a partnership; it's our step forward in reshaping food production's sustainability footprint. Together, we're confronting one of the biggest environmental culprits: methane emissions from cattle.

The Ravensworth and CH4 Global Alliance

Deep-rooted in Australian food production, Ravensworth thrives on pioneering technology and sustainable initiatives. With the support of CH4 Global, we're doubling down on our commitment to create a greener global food and fibre future.

Embracing Top-notch Innovation:

Facing the vast challenges of methane, we've found an innovative edge. CH4 Global's feed supplement, enhanced with Asparagopsis seaweed, is a revelation. It's proven to cut cattle methane emissions by up to 90%. By integrating this into our feedlot, we're taking significant strides towards genuine sustainability.

Making Headway in Methane Reduction:

This alliance is a mutual journey of growth and understanding. By merging our expertise, we're on a mission to pioneer a reduction in methane emissions. For Ravensworth, this paves the way for leading by example, urging the industry to embrace greener practices.

Joint Learning for a Brighter Future:

In essence, our shared endeavour with CH4 Global is charting the course for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. By addressing methane emissions and championing the potential of Asparagopsis seaweed, we're sowing the seeds for a sustainable revolution, aiming to inspire not just as leaders but as guardians of our environment.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Our collaboration with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment & NSW NPWS, and Office of Environment & Heritage ensures the protection of vital wetlands, supporting a rich diversity of waterbirds and frogs.


Our state-of-the-art Steam Flaking system, which was commissioned in 2020, enhances food digestibility and taste while simultaneously minimising waste and emissions. In addition, we've implemented our own bespoke system software and automation technology to precisely mix our rations in our vertical mixer, ensuring that each mouthful of our ration is nutritionally consistent.

Innovative Technology

Manure solids and wastewater from our feedlots contribute to the enrichment of an extensive area of adjacent cropland, improving soil quality and diminishing the necessity for synthetic fertilisers

Natural Fertilisers 

Our advanced runoff and irrigation systems, paired with strategic feedlot gradients, ensure optimal water use and minimal waste.

Water Management

At the heart of Ravensworth Agriculture lies a profound commitment to the community and our team. As one of the largest employers in the region, we recognise the role we play in invigorating the local economy and bolstering societal well-being. This extends beyond just creating job opportunities. By partnering with reputable firms and implementing technology systems, we ensure a streamlined and ethical hiring process, fostering a nurturing environment for our employees. Our dedication to health and well-being is evident as we annually offer free flu vaccine campaigns, safeguarding the health of our invaluable team. But our ties to the community go even deeper. By actively supporting local charities, sports events, and businesses, we aim to strengthen the very fabric of the society we're a part of, reaffirming our commitment to a shared, prosperous future.

Strengthening Social Bonds

Financial Accountability: Collaborating with reputable firms, we uphold the highest standards of financial transparency and integrity.
Quality Assurance: Our adherence to NFAS accreditation, verified by external audits by AusMeat, showcases our commitment to excellence in farming practices.
Regular Review: Our management board and family meetings provide a platform for continuous assessment, ensuring we're always aligned with our values and goals.

Governance: Ethical and Transparent

Our mission goes beyond just farming. We invite partners, stakeholders, and consumers to join us as we pave the way towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Join Us on Our Sustainability Journey 

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